Symposium on Language and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Study Group on Language and the United Nations, an independent group of scholars and practitioners on matters related to the international use of language, convened a symposium on Language and the Sustainable Development Goals at the Church Center for the United Nations, 777 United Nations Plaza, New York, on 21 and 22 April 2016. Its goal was to examine the importance of issues of language in the formulation, implementation, and successful completion of the Sustainable Development Goals. The symposium was sponsored by a number of organizations, including the Center for Applied Linguistics, the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems and its journal Language Problems and Language Planning, and the Universal Esperanto Association (an organization in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council and associated with the UN Department of Public Information). Financial support was provided by the Esperantic Studies Foundation.

João edited the Symposium’s Final Report (PDF) (or buy on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles).

João’s Roles: Rapporteur, Panel Chair, Administrative Assistant

Marinotti, J. (2017). Symposium on Language and the Sustainable Development Goals. Final Report (H. Tonkin, Ed.). New York, NY: Mondial. ISBN:1595693394

João Joined the 2016-17 Executive Committee of Linguistics Program at The Graduate Center

The Executive Committee has the authority for the operation of the program between the stated meetings of the program’s faculty.  It serves as a Committee on Committees to prepare slates of nominees for the program’s representatives to Graduate Council.  The Executive Committee may make recommendations to the appropriate committees of Graduate Council and to the Graduate Center administration.  The Executive Committee in coordination with the Faculty Membership Committee conducts a continuing review of the faculty of the University relevant to that program.  The Executive Committee works with the Executive Officers to forward the policy in Section 3.4E of the Graduate School governance document concerning employment of CUNY doctoral students in part-time faculty positions in CUNY colleges.  The Executive Committee recommends policies and procedures on dissertations.

João’s Role: Elected Member