Quantifying Success in Differing Reforestation Methodologies in the Atlantic Forest

Given that the Atlantic Rainforest, of which only about 7% remains, is a Conservation International-designated global hotspot, much effort is currently being implemented in  its conservation. The biodiversity found in this region is threatened by the fragmentation of forest ecosystems; therefore, many of the efforts focus on reforestation and the creation of forest corridors. In spite of the urgency of this problem, a definitive methodology for reforestation in the Atlantic Rainforest has not been established. This lack of certainty may be partly due to the lack of quantitative data comparing different methods of reforestation. By carrying out quantitative comparative studies, IPÊ hopes to find objectively faster method of reforestation, which will provide the most effect per capital input as well as per time scale. (Download the Presentation)

João’s Role: Author