Portuguese Essentials (1st Ed.) – Fluent City

Portuguese Essentials and Level 1 Portuguese were designed to incorporate interactive, fun, communicative, and practical activities not normally found in any other foreign language books. By following these books, students will not only start speaking Portuguese, but will also learn valuable cultural and linguistic skills in preparation for their next trip to a Portuguese-speaking country, meeting future in-laws, understanding what Portuguese-speaking friends, coworkers, or clients are saying, or preparing to reach their own personal linguistic goals.
João’s Roles: Co-Author, Voice Actor

Xochmitl, V. P., Coelho, P., Marinotti, J. P., & Severino, D. (2016). Portuguese Essentials, (1st ed.). New York: Fluent City.

Xochmitl, V. P., Coelho, P., Marinotti, J. P., & Severino, D. (2016). Level 1 Portuguese, Common Ground for Uncommon Experiences (1st ed.). New York: Fluent City.

Tense and Aspect: Portuguese and Other Romance Languages

Members of the Western Romance Languages share roughly the same verb paradigm descended from Vulgar Latin. They retain the existence of most of the verb tenses found in Latin and share many of the innovations created upon the historical changes through Continental, Italo-Western, and Western Romance. These similarities are clear when comparing the verb paradigms of existent tenses in the languages, but the mere existence of a tense does not prove its usage.

Through a small-scale corpus analysis, it was determined that syntactic and semantic usage of written verb tenses retained a remarkable level of similarity across Portuguese, French, and Spanish.  The spoken usages, however, were significantly different. (Download the paper).

João’s Role: Author